About Us

Hello and welcome to Green Kitchen Company!

My name is Lorne. Founder and CEO of Green Kitchen Company. Green Kitchen Company grew out of my passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and specifically the home kitchen. It was frustrating to search and not find high quality, commercial grade cookware at a reasonable price point. So, I made it my simple mission to partner with reputable manufacturers and factories to produce and offer only professional quality kitchen cookware to the home cook.

The name Green Kitchen Company is derived from two important values to me. “Green” because I believe it is important to provide products that are manufactured in a way that is environmentally friendly or at the very least minimize the negative environmental impact. “Kitchen”, of course, from my joy of cooking.

At Green Kitchen Company the goal is to provide high quality cookware and accessories that are produced to exceptional high standards, along with phenomenal service to you, the valuable customer.

Your satisfaction is a number one goal!

Thank you for checking out Green Kitchen Company.


If you have any questions or would just like to drop a line, please email me at: